Thursday, August 10, 2017

LAPAN IPB Remote Sensing Satellite (LAPAN A3/LISAT) Now is available to download

I have got information that I already verify by my self that my country newest remote sensing micro satellite LAPAN A3/LISAT data has been published.

You can get the data by ordering to this site : . Be sure you give the correct information in order to helping the operator to evaluate their product. You will be given an FTP URL accompanied with ID and Password via email you provided. All for free use.

LISAT carries two sensors which are MSI (multispectral scanner), a medium resolution multispectral (4 band) imager working on visible blue spectrum to near infrared spectrum at 19 meter resolution and100 km swath width, and DSC (digital space camera), a panchromatic camera at 5 meter resolution and 10 km swath width.

Right now, only the MSI data which available in the FTP. I hope they also provide the DSC data at the near future.

All other information related to LISAT can you get by reading LISAT baseline information available at

This is a milestone for us in Indonesia, slowly we will become player in global remote sensing operation.

And the mission is not stopping here. LAPAN already planned to launch another experimental LAPAN A4 satellite sometimes at 2019, boarding a better sensor than the predecessors, and a first SAR satellite LAPAN A5 at 2020. Full operational satellite LAPAN B1 (optics) and LAPAN B2 (SAR) will be launched afterwards (2021 to 2024).

Here is a quicklook of one scene that I already downloaded from the FTP.