Monday, February 29, 2016

Using Dropbox to Host your webmap

Dropbox, surprisingly could be used to host a static web page. There are other providers too like Google Drive. But its capabilities will be discontinued after August 2016. And by the this functionality, we can host a simple webmap (or little bit complex, I dont know, didnt test it yet) using this service.

The hosting procedure is quite easy,

1. Make a dropbox account and login

2. Looks for "Public" folder and make a directory there.

3. Write your own webmap, for example I copy an html file somewhere, and edit it to include my Mapbox webmap into its DIV Tag, then I just place the html to the directory created on step 2.

The code looks like this :

4. Save it to Html and place to the directory on the step 2.

5.  Then left clik on it, > Looks for "Copy Public Link"

6. Paste into browser.

7. Click this LINK to see how the code in step 3 looks like