Sunday, February 14, 2016

Download Landsat 8 Data Using SnapSat.Org

A new landsat-8 data provider has been added
Using simple interface you can straightforwardly download landsat-8 data either just some bands or full dataset.
This portal utilizing Amazon S3 free access Landsat-8 repository, so it will have some data acquisition delay compared with official USGS repository (EarthExplorer, GLOVIS, REVERB).
Based on the test I conducted, I think data access thru this portal is greatly useful if you just need some quicklook or visual interpretation needs.
Oh btw, Landsat-8 data obtained from this portal is reprojected to Web Mercator Projection, so if you need the data in UTM or Geographic Projection, just reproject it using ArcGIS, QGIS or other Geospatial softwares.