Saturday, February 6, 2016

Creating Simple Web Map Using QGIS

From day to day, QGIS is getting bigger and bigger. Continuous and expanded support from open source geospatial developer has made this software go beyond its initial development. More and more tools/plugins has been created and offering more flexibility and features to the software. It is fair to said that this software is now became an ideal example of successful non commercials geospatial movement. Personally I am starting to count more on this software because it is now offering some distinct tools unavailable on commercial counterparts. The keys of QGIS for me are simplicity, straightforward how to, and free to use.

I am not kidding, below is an example how the simplicity means. A Tutorial about how Online Map could be deployed easily from QGIS. Using fast growing to use WebMap Frameworks like Openlayers or leaflet, a not experienced and programming literate user could make an online webmap with sophisticated looks just with some clicks. Check it out below.

And last but not least, innovation is not coming from the "follow the leader" attitude (IFYWIM) :P