Saturday, April 16, 2011

Simple way to adding Google Images services into ArcMap

I just found a simple way to add google images into ArcMap Project after exploring some RS/GIS forums. As we already know, since ArcGIS 9.2 we can access tiled services of basemaps from ESRI. This new feature permitted us to use worldwide detailed maps or high resolution imagery as our base map,data source or simply just background information of our mapping project. Then, We may further asking, could popular map/imagery service provider like google or microsoft also be added into ArcMap?. The answer is yes. codeplex has developed an ArcGIS extension called ArcBrutile, which it main goal is enabling tiled map/imagery services can be added into ArcMap. The extension can make WMS/WMS-C map services, Microsoft Bing and Google Images/Maps added into ArcMap view.

Below is example of my experiment:

Download the needed software from this forum.