Sunday, April 10, 2011

Creating automoved graphics and text in ArcMap Layout

Here is short tip to create automoved graphics or labels like annotation does in ArcMap. Normal graphics will not moved when we are trying to zoom or pan the data view in Layout mode. Sometimes it can bring serious problems when we are creating multi sheet or multi scale map. We can use manual way to move graphics (aargh, its time consuming), using annotation or converting graphics into shapes in order to make auto movable graphics/text. But trust me, that would not efficient if you re actually don't need annotation or additional meaningless data. better save your HD space folks!. Ok here are the tip sequences,

1. when you re in layout mode, activate the layout toolbar,

2. search "focus data frame" button, click it,

click to view detailed image

3. then create your text or graphic using drawing toolbar,

click to view detailed image

4. After it is done, try to pan or zoom the data view,the created graphics will automatically moved according to the panning/zooming direction (in this example image, the map moved to the down direction).

click to view detailed image

Hope this post is useful for you :D

Source : ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 web help