Thursday, March 24, 2011


HighView is an advanced image fusion and pan-sharpening software program. It uses GeoSage's
state-of-the-art and highly efficient image fusion algorithms that have been developed over the past few
years and successfully merges low-resolution multispectral bands with high-resolution panchromatic
band of recent satellite images (e.g., GeoEye-1, QuickBird, IKONOS, KOMPSAT-2, FORMOSAT-2,
ALOS, SPOT-5 and Landsat 7 ETM+).

􀂙 Band combination and image stretching
􀂾 A hybrid of both linear and nonlinear image stretching
􀂾 Stretched output imagery in 24-bit BMP and/or un-stretched output in GeoTIFF format
􀂾 A GUI-based batch processing function able to process hundreds or thousands of images
􀂾 Advanced simulation method for making true-colour composite from SPOT-5 false-colour Near
Infrared/Red/Green input or any other colour infrared (CIR) imagery. Six methods or colour
templates are provided. (Only included in HighView Professional Version 2.5)
􀂙 Pan-sharpening
􀂾 Local spectral/spatial optimization method
􀂾 Global spectral/spatial optimization method
􀂾 An efficient, improved bilinear resampling scheme
􀂾 Spatial enhancements (none, detail, sharp) for any selected set of bands
􀂾 Colour enhancements by adjusting R/G/B factors
􀂾 Option for matching linear stretches used during band combination
􀂾 Option for image noises reduction
􀂾 Pan-sharpened output with full, un-stretched dynamic range
􀂾 An efficient batch processing function that can be easily integrated with enterprise workflows
􀂾 Applicable to QuickBird, IKONOS, ALOS, and many more
􀂾 Option for either intensive or low memory usage in processing large-sized inputs (max image
size is 32,768 by 32,768 pixels for the panchromatic band)
􀂾 If the file size of fused multi-band output is close to or larger than 2GB, HighView automatically
produces outputs with separate bands.
HighView is a handy companion to popular remote sensing and GIS software. It provides tools that lay
a solid foundation for image classification and feature extraction. With this unique and customer-proven
technology, users can now confidently and conveniently perform image fusion and pan-sharpening by
themselves. GUI-based HighView is ideal for casual users and licensing fees start from US $125.


Download the trial software with limited unrestricted features with no expiration date here.


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Software yang cukup mahal,tapi hasil pan-sharpening olahan bumbu dapur mereka cukup bagus,